Emily in Progress

I'm working on a portrait of Emily:

In this portrait, I'm bringing a black and white photo into color. I did this
once before in a portrait of a woman a few years ago. Since Emily has yellow tones in her coat, I started with a purple underpainting:

Next, I painted the golden tones over top. I used Yellow Ochre, Titan Buff and a bit of Burnt Umber mixed with white. When I converted the original sketch to a headshot pose, I realized that I needed to adjust some things as I went. I started with her eyes looking too small, since the sketch didn't really capture the dark areas around her eyes. The face also looks too wide due to the original pose, so I painted over some of the layers around her face. Later, these will be covered completely by the background.

Once I fixed the edges of the eyes and added the black under her nose, the portrait started to look more like Emily. Here she is with more layers of yellow and brown:

I added the tongue and refined the dark areas in her eyebrows with more layers. Next, I'll start on the finer detail to bring out the texture of her fur.