Life Imitates Art

In between portraits, I've been slowly putting together illustrations for a book my father-in-law wrote last year. The book is about a family preparing for a move while awaiting the birth of a new baby. Now that I'm very pregnant myself, and also moving into a new home, I can appreciate the mother in the story more:

While the mother character in the book is modeled after my own mom, these illustrations are actually based on my sister, who had her baby last year and took some pictures of herself doing household chores to help me out. Before my own pregnancy, it was hard for me to visualize how a pregnant lady would carry a box or a bucket. I have a better idea now.

Needless to say, things have been busy around here, and I haven't made any new posts or videos recently. However, I've got several paintings in the works right now, and I hope to show them off soon.