Vancouver Island Storm Painting, With Video

This is another one of my paintings from Vancouver Island, the area where I grew up:


Chesterman Beach, 24″x 30″ acrylic on canvas, copyright © Kathryn Beals

This is a scene from Chesterman Beach in Tofino, and was featured in this article from Luxury BC.   I filmed video of this one and made it into a speed painting, so you can see the whole process:

Around halfway through you can see me using masking tape to make the horizon.  For this painting I used a limited palette of mostly Carbon black, Payne’s gray and Titanium white, with some Smalt hue and Ultramarine blue to add color to the sky.

carbon_black payne_graytitanium_white

ultramarine_blue  smalt_hue

Payne’s gray is actually a mix of Ultramarine blue and black, but I find it’s a good ratio so I use it a lot for stormy skies and night scenes.  I also used Micaceous Iron Oxide for the sandy area:


I love this stuff because it adds some nice texture to the paint and gives a more realistic sand texture, with just a bit of grit.  You can mix it in with your paint or paint it on before you add color.

Here are some detail shots:



You can buy this painting in my Etsy shop as a digital print or canvas print.  The original painting is for sale through my website.

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