My Experiment with Wax Painting

As a child and beginner painter, I started out in watercolor, but found my style when I tried acrylic on canvas for the first time.  I’ve tried painting in oil and pastels (and have never been good at drawing) but I always come back to acrylic because I love the way it looks and feels on the canvas.

However, it’s always great to try a new medium.  While visiting my family in Canada this month, I tried creating an image in wax, my mother’s medium of choice, and it was a great experience.  She started me in her chosen method of melting crayon chunks on a canvas with a heat gun, and let me figure it out from there.  I took photos of the process:

15 - 1 15 - 215 - 3 15 - 4 15 - 5 15 - 615 - 7 15 - 13 15 - 14 15 - 15

It was great to try a less controlled approach, since I usually struggle against overworking and adding too much detail when I’m painting.  I did miss my brush, but I was able to influence the spread of color by tipping the canvas back and forth as I melted the wax.

I would call this one an abstract, but the general idea was to capture the old growth cedar forests near where I grew up on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  We just got back from a trip to Vancouver Island, and I’m looking forward to doing some new paintings of these trees in Tofino:


3 thoughts on “My Experiment with Wax Painting

  1. I’ve seen this technique a lot, but not in the way you’ve used it. Your piece is much more painterly, even though it’s abstract. It looks and feels quite similar to acrylics. It might be your choice of crayon colors, or just that you had an idea of what you were figuratively trying to represent. Anyway, pretty cool!


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