Nature Conservancy Benefit Series

First – I’m not updating this blog much at this time, but I update my Instagram several times a week, and I invite you to check it out for the most current updates on my new paintings, shows and travel photos. Thanks for visiting!

This week, I set up a new abstract series at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, and we’ll be donating 100% of proceeds from this series to the Nature Conservancy.  I just discovered fluid abstracts a month ago, and I love the biological feel of this new medium.  As a former forester, I love aerial views as well as plants and rocks, and I like the way these fluid paint pours echo scenes in nature, large and small.  All paintings in the series are 10″ x 10″ acrylic on canvas.  They’re beginner quality since I just learned this medium last month, and I priced them all at $30 USD because I want people to support this great cause.

If you’re in the SF Bay area, stop by this cool nonprofit cafe to see my work downstairs until the end of September.  Feel free to take your painting home off the wall after you pay via my Etsy store.  If you’re not local, you can still shop the collection through this link, and I’ll donate 100% of profits to the Nature Conservancy.

Two of the paintings sold within the first few hours on the wall.  I had a lot of fun doing these, and I’ll add to the collection over the next two months as needed.



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